Terms & Conditions



In consideration of the mutual agreements and covenants herein, the parties hereby agree and enter into the following agreement.


Account – User online account that is developed by a user at the website.

Blockchain – A distributed ledger that is made up of unchangeable digitally recorded data that are in packets known as blocks.

Zeus – We will use virtual tokens in the future known as the Zeus token and represented as AZS.

Cryptocurrency – a Digital asset that is created to work as a medium of exchange using cryptography to control the creation of additional units of token and secure transactions.

Ethereum – an open blockchain platform

Ether – The currency used in the ethereum blockchain.

Token Sale – A restricted Initial coin offering by qualified users that purchased the Zeus tokens.

Smart Contracts – This implies the ethereum smart contract

Wallet – Any form of wallet that is used to store cryptocurrencies

Whitepaper – This document describes the token sale conditions and description of the Zeus project and business model.


The terms outline the Zeus token sale details by the Zeus AI project. The token seller, as well as its participants and or buyers, will be bound to these terms. Necessary attempts have been made to spell out the clear transparency and summary of the content of the legal terms. If you have any questions, you can contact the Zeus team using the contact that is located on the homepage. The summary may also be subject to change.

Legal Jurisdiction

You expressly agree that any dispute or claim that arises from the utilization of our website and or our services will be governed by the global laws without the confliction of law provisions thereof. Additionally, you agree that any of such claims shall be resolved in the court and you agree to be subject to personal jurisdiction in for litigating such dispute or claim.

Acceptance and changes to the agreement

This agreement is effected as soon as you register at the website or purchase the Zeus tokens from us. This implies that you agree to be bound by and accept the agreement, terms, and conditions, guidelines and policies that are incorporated by reference. If you have any questions about the terms, you can use the contact information at the bottom of the homepage. We also advise that you have a printed copy of the agreement especially all the policies of your records.

Representations and Warranties

Kindly note that these terms do not contribute to being a prospectus of any type. It is not a solicitation for investment or a share/equity offering, initial public offering. It does not include the offering of securities in any jurisdiction. The Zeus AI contribution does not include cryptocurrency exchange for any form of ordinary shares neither does the Zeus token holder receives any form of dividend or revenue right.


To the maximum extent that is produced by applicable law, you agree to indemnify, defend and hold harmless Zeus AI and our future, past and present directors, employees, suppliers, vendors etc against all Zeus third party claims, damages, judgements, losses including without limitation, expenses, attorney fees or any cost whatsoever. You agree to notify the Zeus platform of any third party claims and co-operate in defending such claims. You also agree that the Zeus AI parties have control over settlement or defense of any third party claims.


There will not be any refunds regarding the Zeus token sale, purchase or usage for any reason that includes but not limited to the loss of Zeus tokens due to technical reasons, malfunction of wallets or any error.


You are charged with the responsibility of maintaining the privacy and security of your login email and password thereby accepting responsibilities for all activities that occur under your account. You must notify the Zeus platform whenever there is a breach in the security of your account.