zeus is a public blockchain built for the needs of apps with millions of users

A blockchain built for mass market B2C & P2P applications with millions of consumer end-users Features developed with the consumer end-user in mind

zeus is a blockchain designed for consumer apps by consumer app experts.

zeus is built to be the complete solution for mass market consumer apps

Features of Zeus Solution

Zeus platform aims to solve this inefficiency by providing a system that will aid the sharing of data. Enterprises will be able to sell anonymized datasets to developers with the aim of utilizing data to create customized applications through the integration of machine learning and artificial intelligence. Here are some features of our solution.

Zeus platform keeps accurate record including authentication and execution and A.I helps to assess this information and make important decisions by understanding the nature of data patterns in order to facilitate autonomous interaction.

Control over the Usage of Data and Models
Another important benefit of Zeus technology is data control. Imagine a scenario where you log on to a social media site, you relinquish the rights to any content that is uploaded onto the platform.

Open Market for Data
With the incorporation of Zeus P2P platform, the concept of peer-to-peer connection will be introduced and data will become accessible to everyone on the network and the era of free data will be welcomed.

In order to promote machine-to-machine communication, a level of trust has to be reached. Additionally, to execute major operations on the blockchain network, trust is also required and this is what we provide with the Zeus P2P platform.

Large-Scale Data Management Mechanism
With a huge amount of data stored in a decentralized system, various benefits are enjoyed as compared to the centralized system. Zeus platform will not be affected by the crisis and natural disasters as data will not be stored in a single location.

The autonomous nature of machines requires a high level of security in order to prevent a fatal occurrence and this is what we provide with the Zeus P2P platform.

Data Sharing
Our database decentralization emphasizes the relevance of data sharing between various clients on a particular network.

Decentralization platform solves the problem of all existing P2P financial. Create transparent and healthy investment environment based on artificial intelligence smart contract.

Business model: zeus will only have one free or 0.01% (world’s lowest fee) transaction fee for (Apply a single fee). Apply all existing Cryptocurrency bill payment systems (Altcoin Wallet).

Dapp Models
p2p data market (ads) platform – Decentralized Facebook
p2p cloud storage platform – Decentralized dropbox
p2p Finance (Lending / Cloud Funding) – Decentralized Lending Club / Decentralized Kick starter
p2p Cryptocurrency Market platform – Decentralized binance / Decentralized Bittrex
p2p streaming platform – Decentralized YouTube / Decentralized netflix
p2p Communication/chat bot Platform – Decentralized Telegram
p2p e-commrce Platform – Decentralized amazon

Examples: Amazon, Dropbox, facebook – Earn 00 billion USD fee per year.
As the Zeus network (ecosystem) grows, platform operators increase, and as the use of tokens increases, the value of the tokens increases, and the token holder’s commission income increases. And, due to the competitive structure of the platform operators, we expect to complete a virtuous cycle in which users benefit more.

Model 1 : Decentralized p2p Cryptocurrency Marketplace
Our P2P marketplace will be available in desktop/dapp. We will also connect artificial intelligence companies and data providers through an online marketplace with the aim of drastically minimizing the cost of data. Our P2P marketplace is designed to drive innovation in artificial intelligence thereby creating a new decentralized AI ecosystem. Our goal is to create the largest global p2p marketplace to revolutionalize the AI field.

Model 2 : Decentralized p2p financial/lending platform
One of the applications of Zeus will be to provide P2P financial platform as the financial world stands on the edge of a technological revolution. This will alter the entire way people utilize financial services. We will offer enhanced accessibility to financial services any time and from anywhere.

Model 3 : Decentralized p2p cloud storage
Zeus platform will provide a fully secure storage for big data repositories and for the processing of AI tasks as it require huge CPU and GPU computational power. Our development is centered upon reality and vision that the demand for larger storage capacity will improve through the introduction of Big Data and IOT into every industry.