AIZeus, Beyond the Blockchain and the Complete Solution for Mass Market Consumer Apps

Zeus, by AIZeus is the latest public blockchain build to satisfy the needs of applications with millions of users. The Zeus blockchain has been designed with mass market B2C & P2P applications in mind, which require a wealth of consumer end features. Because of this, Zeus has been made to be the complete solution for mass market consumer apps.

It’s an incredible platform, built on some incredible technology, technology that you need to know about.

Zeus has a competitive advantage

Speed is one of the most important considerations to make when looking at blockchain technologies. Speed is an attraction, that’s because consumers want transactions to be settled instantly. Therefore, Zeus has been built to facilitate, on average, around 200,000 transactions per second. High speed transactions means low costs and little fees.

This scalability is made possible through the block size of blocks within Zeus. Blocks have been designed with efficiency in mind, which is why we know this project is going to be a true success. Bigger blocks also means reduced cost, as more transactions can be carried out within a smaller space. According to the Zeus website, transaction fees will start from $0.001, with a P2P transaction fee of just 0.01%.

The most fascinating thing about Zeus – Artificial Intelligence

Artificial Intelligence, or AI is an up and coming technology, one that promises to transform the way we live our lives. Sounds familiar right? The blockchain is also a technology that promises to provide transformation, this is why Zeus have decided to marry the two, building an exciting AI based smart contracting system that has been designed to make Zeus smart contracts even smarter.

Why AI?

The Zeus AI is able to address problems with inefficiency, according to the Zeus website:

“Zeus platform aims to solve this inefficiency by providing a system that will aid the sharing of data. Enterprises will be able to sell anonymized datasets to developers with the aim of utilizing data to create customized applications through the integration of machine learning and artificial intelligence. Here are some features of our solution.”

This in turn, helps to establish more technological trust:
“In order to promote machine-to-machine communication, a level of trust has to be reached. Additionally, to execute major operations on the blockchain network, trust is also required and this is what we provide with the Zeus P2P platform.”

And more trust, can only mean enhance security:

“The autonomous nature of machines requires a high level of security in order to prevent a fatal occurrence and this is what we provide with the Zeus P2P platform.”

In essence, Zeus is built upon an easy to use, fast and low cost technology, designed to facilitate applications with a large user base, covering a range of services from ecommerce to chatbots, video streaming, social media, cloud storage and cryptocurrency/finance.

The entire Zeus ecosystem is backed by a native token

“As the Zeus network (ecosystem) grows, platform operators increase, and as the use of tokens increases, the value of the tokens increases, and the token holder’s commission income increases. And, due to the competitive structure of the platform operators, we expect to complete a virtuous cycle in which users benefit more.”

Members of the Zeus platform have access to an exclusive native token, one that offers more rewards, the more people that use the system. Developers, writers, big data users, token holders and platform users can all benefit from the token known as Zeuscoin (AZS).

Zeuscoin is currently about to become available via pre-sale at a rate of around 5,000AZS per ETH. Holders of AZS will have access to a lifetime of commission revenue and of course, people who use and contribute to the Zeus platform will have access to AZS payments. This means, Zeus can guarantee that AZS will circulate and will not be left to stagnate, meaning those who buy in early are likely to receive some rewards from their purchase.

Zeus have also made their initial token distribution very clear:

“15% of the 1,000,000,000 token that is equivalent to 150,000,000 will be allocated to the team and 48% will be provided in public ico, and future p2p platform (ecosystem) will be allocated with 16% for user reward pool platform. 10% will be allocated to the early contributors, 4% will be used for partnerships, 2% for bounty and 5% for legal proceedings. Furthermore, the project soft cap is 5 million USD and the hard cap is 30 million USD.”

As you can see, Zeus is a well thought out project, backed by stunning technology, a working product and of course a viable cryptocurrency.