zeus is a public blockchain built for the needs of apps with millions of users

A blockchain built for mass market B2C & P2P applications with millions of consumer end-users Features developed with the consumer end-user in mind

zeus is a blockchain designed for consumer apps by consumer app experts.

zeus is built to be the complete solution for mass market consumer apps

ZEUS Competitive Advantage

It is important to note that Zeus will be capable of averaging about 200,000 transactions per second with a lightning speed of 0.05 seconds. On the long run, the entire transactions will only cost fractions of cent.

Increased scalability

The increase in block size will go a long way to increase Zeus network scalability especially considering the throughput and efficiency solely because of the increase in the number of transactions in the network to 200,000 tp/sec.

Low Cost

The increase in the block size will leave a huge space for more transactions to be introduced in the block. Our transaction fees will be reduced and we will charge a fee of $ 0.001 to $ 0.005 and a p2p transaction fee of 0.01%.

AI Smart Contract

The idea is to combine blockchain and AI to ensure that smart contracts are made smarter.  The blockchain is the technology behind smart contracts and it is converging with AI data at a faster rate.

AIZEUS Blockchain Performance

AIZEUS Blockchain Performance




Position Of AIZEUS Highlight Technology

Position Of AIZEUS Highlight Technology




AIZEUS Business Model (Dapp)

AIZEUS Business Model (Dapp)


The Timeline

With help from our teams, contributors and investors these are the milestones we are looking forward to achieve.

May 2017

Team composition.

Platform planning

October 2017

Draft white paper

December 2017

Release white paper (version 1.0).

Q3 2018

erc20 Token issue.

private,pre sale of tokens.

Q1 2019


Q3 2019

3 ~ 5 major exchanges listed

Q4 2019

TestNet Release

AI Blockchain Exchange platform beta release.

Q4 2019

AI Blockchain Exchange Platform Core 1.0 Released (WEB / APP)

MainNet Release Core 1.0

Smart Wallet Release Core 1.0

Q1 2020

AI Blockchain Exchange Platform Core 2.0 Released (WEB / APP)

MainNet Release Core 2.0

Smart Wallet Release Core 2.0

Q3 2020

Blockchain P2P Data Network (Development Framework / API)



Model 1 : Decentralized p2p Cryptocurrency Marketplace
Our P2P marketplace will be available in desktop/dapp. We will also connect artificial intelligence companies and data providers through an online marketplace with the aim of drastically minimizing the cost of data. Our P2P marketplace is designed to drive innovation in artificial intelligence thereby creating a new decentralized AI ecosystem. Our goal is to create the largest global p2p marketplace to revolutionalize the AI field.

Model 2 : Decentralized p2p financial/lending platform
One of the applications of Zeus will be to provide P2P financial platform as the financial world stands on the edge of a technological revolution. This will alter the entire way people utilize financial services. We will offer enhanced accessibility to financial services any time and from anywhere.

Model 3 : Decentralized p2p cloud storage
Zeus platform will provide a fully secure storage for big data repositories and for the processing of AI tasks as it require huge CPU and GPU computational power. Our development is centered upon reality and vision that the demand for larger storage capacity will improve through the introduction of Big Data and IOT into every industry.

ZEUS DEX UI Design (App Version)

ZEUS DEX UI Design (App Version)


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